Date Confirmation

In order for us to save a date for your event we ask that you request an event agreement by emailing us with your estimated head count and a tentative serve date. Upon receiving your request, we will send you our event agreement and ask that you complete the contract and return it to us with your deposit.

We require a minimum deposit of $300.00. We ask that payments be made using cash, bank check, business check, or personal checks drawn on local banks. Once your contract and deposit have been received we will consider the date saved and you will receive a confirmation email reiterating your date, estimated head count, as well as your proposed site. If we do not hear from you as your date approaches, we will contact you 14 days prior to your serve date, and ask that you have a final head count with the appropriate entrée selections for each of your guests within 5 days.

Serve Time

When choosing a serve time we ask that you be as conscientious of that time as possible. If you are planning to have cocktails, we suggest that you select a serve time that is a minimum of (1) one hour after the planned arrival of your guests. Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best product possible and, to this end, we ask that you be cognizant of the serve time that you have selected.

The Day Of

You can plan on our staff arriving with everything necessary to efficiently prepare, serve, and clean up (including trash removal) approximately (1) one hour prior to the selected serve time. We ask that you make every effort to save space for our vehicles as close to your desired site as possible and that a pathway from the designated parking area to the serving area be kept clear. When selecting a serving area please look for a spot that will be convenient for our staff to set up serving tables and cooking equipment. In addition, if you are planning on having us serve after dusk, a lighting arrangement would be greatly appreciated.


Once the meal has been served, we will begin removing the rubbish that is associated with the meal; we will do our best to leave the site as we found it. At this point we ask that you be prepared to remit the remainder of your bill unless both client and contractor have agreed upon prior arrangements.


Q: What should we look for when choosing a “site”?
A: We pride ourselves on being able to cook and serve wherever you like. However, the following circumstances would be ideal:
(1) a minimum 4’x4’ stable, fire retardant surface (preferably dirt, tar, or concrete) that is roughly 10 or more feet away from a house or trees on which we can set up our steamers; (2) a flat area larger enough to accommodate our serving and condiment tables.

Q: What is your company’s rain policy?
A: Up to (6) six hours prior to your serve time you will have the option to postpone your meal. Otherwise, we will come prepared to serve rain or shine. Postponed meals will be served on a date and time that are mutually agreeable to both client and contractor.

Q: What happens if our headcount is off?
A: Please do your very best not to let this happen. However, we do bring extra entrée servings and we will do our best to accommodate those who are unexpected, within reason.

Q: We are interested in having you cater our event but are concerned that we might be outside of your operating area?
A: We are licensed and inspected in the State of New Hampshire…which means that we are happy to present you with a quote for ALL locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Locations outside of MA and NH will require further consideration.

Q: What do you supply?
A: Great food and courteous staff, as well as our own serving tables, utensils, paper goods, lobster bibs, and rubbish barrels with liners.

Q: When handling large groups, how do we ensure that our guests will get the entrée selection that they chose?
A: If arrangements are made ahead of time we will create individual tickets specifying lobster, steak, chicken, veggie, or child. Otherwise, we ask that you furnish some other appropriate method ahead of time (Hawaiian leis are a great method!).

Q: How will the meal be served?
A: The meal will be served buffet style in separate courses. Generally speaking, chowder will be served first, followed by steamers and corn and the entrée will come shortly thereafter. If you wish to have table service, staff can be arranged for an additional fee.

Q: Are you insured?
A: We are insured and our staff is properly covered.

Q: What if we need help with a tent, tables, chairs, linens or place settings?
A: Try our friends at Exeter Rent-All.